“The REACH product from ToxPlanet provided us access and was a critical component of a risk assessment we just provided to manufacturing.  Very little data was available in the public domain for the chemical in question, while when we accessed REACH (easy to navigate by the way!), there were enough data there from submitting companies to pull together a nice risk assessment….really valuable addition here!!

William P. Beierschmitt
Research Fellow, Worldwide Research and Development

“ToxPlanet is a needed and valued resource. We use it every day.”

Tony Schatz
Associate Director of Toxicology


“ToxPlanet allows us to look at a lot of different databases in one place and see the scope of information that’s out there.”

Anne Chappelle
Senior Toxicologist & Manager of Business Development


“ToxPlanet is an outstanding vehicle for delivering chemical toxicology information from a wide range of government and scientific sources.”

William Belerschmitt
Research Fellow