Curated Content

We monitor 300+ websites on a daily basis for new/updated content. Alerts notify us of changes to the content. New/updated documents are manually acquired, marked-up with indexing meta, optimized for web display, and prepared for publication.  


The EXPERT Index, with over 2.8M terms, is continually updated to include new substances and their synonyms. We also add new synonyms to existing substances as they become available. The full-text index is updated any time there is new content.  

Licensed Content

Content partners provide us updates in raw form (e.g. text) on varying schedules. We programmatically transform the content into XML, add indexing meta, and prepare for publication.        

All Content

Gets published to the website, typically within 72 hours of availability, using EDMS, our proprietary publishing platform.

New and Updated Content

Is visible to users within minutes of its publication.