Quickly find information on chemicals appearing on hundreds of regulatory and advisory lists.

ListEXPERT simplifies finding the "List" data needed to comply with global regulations.

Updated and expanded regularly, ListEXPERT is an easy way to access data found on hundreds of regulatory and advisory lists from around the world. ListEXPERT includes chemical inventories, carcinogen lists, exposure limit lists, list of banned substances, lists of hazardous chemicals, toxics, PBTs (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic substances), and much more.  In addition to list data, actual source documents are included when available.

What do ListEXPERT lists include?

List content varies depending on the purpose of the list. In addition to containing identifying information such as chemical name and registry number, many lists in ListEXPERT include other end-points such as classification, threshold quantities, exposure limits, and chemical and physical properties.

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Who uses ListEXPERT?

ListEXPERT is used by chemical safety professionals engaged in:

What do you get along with your access to ListEXPERT?

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