“The REACH product from ToxPlanet provided us access and was a critical component of a risk assessment we just provided to manufacturing.  Very little data was available in the public domain for the chemical in question, while when we accessed REACH (easy to navigate by the way!), there were enough data there from submitting companies to pull together a nice risk assessment….really valuable addition here!!

William P. Beierschmitt
Research Fellow, Worldwide Research and Development


The Tables below illustrate the power of the ToxPlanet and how Public Search Engines and Free websites don’t really provide meaningful search results. (These Tables are not intended to compare documents counts, but to illustrate the consistency of searching in the ToxPlanet system.)

The EXPERTIndex (EI) has over 900,000 unique substances with nearly 5 Million Terms and Synonyms. This means that when you do a search in the EI your search results are consistent regardless of which synonym is used. The Columns labeled “Term” contains 6 synonyms of Phenol. So, in the ToxPlanet system, a search on any of the Terms results in 178 hits in ChemEXPERT.

Table 1 compares an ToxPlanet search against Popular Search Engines. As you can clearly see, not only are the results different from Engine to Engine, but synonym searches within the same Engine can vary dramatically. Google ranges from 19.8 Million hits to “just” 14,000. Neither number is very meaningful.

Table 2 compares ToxPlanet to “Free” Government sites. Again, the results are extremely inconsistent.

The power of the EI, as illustrated here, coupled with the depth and breadth of content, make the ToxPlanet website a powerful and economical resource for chemical hazard information.

Table 1

Term ChemEXPERT Google Yahoo Bing AOL
Phenol 178 19.8 Million 4.1 Million 4.25 Million 4.25 Million
108-95-2 178 122,000 14,400 90,600 90,500
Fenolo 178 160,000 76,000 77,900 78,000
Hydroxybenzene 178 640,000 41,800 41,200 41,200
Phenic Acid 178 29,800 68,700 68,600 68,500
Benzenol 178 14,000 18,100 18,100 18,100


Table 2

ECHA Website NTP
Phenol 178 3,600 599 691 24
108-95-2 178 538 599 691 24
Fenolo 178 0 1 0 0
Hydroxybenzene 178 17 19 24 24
Phenic Acid 178 2 3 0 24
Benzenol 178 3 1 0 24