ToxPlanet comprises a collection of discipline-focused products, sold separately or as a single, comprehensive resource. Covering areas that include hazardous chemicals, substance regulations, reproductive risks and pharmaceutical data, your subscription includes ToxPlanet’s unique search interface which offers one-search access to millions of documents and material data safety sheets, hundreds of regulatory and advisory lists, and other substance-specific content.

Save Time

ToxPlanet brings together in one interface an entire universe of chemical hazard and other information, saving professionals valuable research time by providing:

  • One-stop access to continuously-updated professional-grade content otherwise only available in multiple locations
  • The ability to log in from anywhere—including tablets and smart phones
  • A tabbed interface that allows fast and easy navigation


Save Money

ToxPlanet is an affordable alternative to searching multiple print and electronic sources for chemical hazard and toxicology information. As a one-stop research tool, ToxPlanet saves organizations money by:

  • Providing a subscription model instead of pay-as-you-go approach to research that can include multiple sources
  • Offering a single, encyclopedic search of over 8 million documents
  • Freeing up staff time, allowing them to focus on using their research, instead of searching for information



ToxPlanet’s enormous collection makes it easy to discover unknown content from hundreds of International sources. ToxPlanet eliminates the issue of poorly indexed content on source sites and makes the content you need available with just a few clicks:

  • Proprietary indexing
  • Hard to find content including grey literature
  • Use content instead of looking for it


Stay Current

ToxPlanet updates data daily, making it the go-to resource for critical information. With newly published reports, up-to-date advisory and regulatory lists, and thousands of links to full text, ToxPlanet keeps users current with:

  • Continuously-updated professional-grade content
  • Access to the newest (M)SDS
  • Full text for millions of documents


Stay Informed

EH&S professionals rely on accurate information when dealing with chemicals. This important information is often lacking or hard to find. ToxPlanet provides:

  • Access to more international resources than any other resource of its kind
  • A simple way to search and identify chemicals using CAS numbers or chemical names
  • An Index with over 5 million synonyms to quickly locate relevant documents