How to Save Time and the Environment Regarding Cradle to Cradle Design

It is a fact that sustainability is gradually becoming an imperative facet of mass manufacturing. Cradle to cradle design, as opposed to cradle to grave design, is an optimistic framework that can benefit greatly from streamlined databases and precise toxicology research. Since this process consists of recycling input chemicals instead of producing more output materials, toxicology professionals have the opportunity to take ownership of this change with their chemistry research. The following are some of the best ways an intuitive chemical identification system can influence this method of production.

For cradle to cradle design to become more widely efficient for manufacturing professionals, the dominant research process will need to shift. All chemists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, and manufacturing managers know that understanding the most streamlined way to identify potentially harmful chemicals is a meaningful responsibility. Our subscription-based databases offer dynamic and specific solutions for managing the impact of chemicals on the environment. If you and your team are invested in promoting better manufacturing standards, try our 2-week free trial of ToxPlanet today!

Cradle to Cradle Design: A Scenario

There are numerous circumstances in which streamlined chemical databases are important, but one is as follows: A company wants to use a chemical in their new line of industrial supplies. Before approval, the substance must be researched. The researcher needs to find out if it is an endocrine disrupting chemical, carcinogen, or teratogen. After searching for many hours, the researcher gathers results from resources like the EPA and NIOSH. Finally, the researcher concludes that the chemical is, in fact, hazardous to the environment and surrounding organisms. Now, the company must work to find a safe and affordable analog. He or she utilizes those same resources again to discover that there are data gaps in the available literature. The project’s development is stunted until a proper analog is found.

Simplify Your Research and Improve the Design Paradigm

Cradle to cradle design requires corporate commitment to sustainability, and that cannot occur expediently for a company if their research methodology is not delivering as it should. Instead of pursuing countless subscriptions to various databases, save your company time and financial resources by subscribing to one authoritative, all-inclusive subscription. ToxPlanet is the ideal solution for pressing toxicology research needs. Your free trial includes:

  • Hundreds of regulatory and advisory lists
  • Thousands of technical reports, monographs, regulatory submissions, and peer-reviewed documents
  • Millions of Material Data Safety Sheets.

Try TSCATS, an Exclusive Database of Environmental Data

If one of your initiatives as a professional in the sciences is to proactively identify what chemicals negatively affect runoff and other environmental factors, try our exclusive TSCATS database. This remarkable resource is an index to unpublished, non-confidential studies covering chemical testing results and adverse effects of chemicals submitted by U.S. industries to the EPA. In this product, studies are indexed under three broad categories: health effects, ecological effects and environmental fate. A TSCATS record also includes:

  • Chemical name
  • CAS number
  • Section of TSCA
  • Title
  • Document number
  • Microfiche number
  • Submitting organization
  • Performing organization
  • Abstracts.

Types of Documents Available in the Database include:

  • Section 4 chemical testing results
  • Section 8(e) substantial risk of injury to health or the environment notices
  • Voluntary documents submitted to the EPA

It’s Time to Get More Out of Cradle to Cradle Design Research

Quickly discovering quality information about the effects of chemicals on the cradle to cradle design process is just the beginning of what ToxPlanet can help you achieve. Choose from 11 different subscriptions that all feature user-friendly interfaces, app functionality on mobile devices, international content, and much more. If you’re ready to switch to a more streamlined service updated daily, give ToxPlanet a try! For 15 days, you can experience our quality content, ease of access, and wealth of scientific documents as a subscriber would.

Cradle to Cradle Design

It’s time to experience a new level of toxicology research. You, your team, your company, and the future of cradle to cradle design will all benefit from the choice.