A Faster, Better Way to Employ Design for The Environment

A Label Worth Its Weight in Print

We all know that products that display the Design for the Environment or the Safer Choice labels have been proven to meet or surpass the U.S. EPA Safer Products Standards. This means that this product in all the different stages of its life cycle has been tested and researched and has been deemed safe for usage and the environment. This product can be trusted to do what it is supposed to do while remaining benign to humanity and our planet. The consumer can proudly use the product without worrying about the adverse effects of toxicity and pollution.

A Familiar Scenario

A researcher for company 1 wants to use chemical A in their new line of household cleaners so, he or she researches the chemical. Is it a carcinogen? A mutagen? What is its tox value? Is it hazardous to the environment in any way? He or she scours various authoritative bodies on hazards such as the EPA, IARC, the NTP list, ECHA, and NIOSH. After innumerable hours of researching, it is understood that chemical A is, indeed, hazardous. Now it is imperative that company 1 finds a safe and affordable analog that will perform the same function. The researcher again scours the same resources and finds that there are tremendous data gaps. Progress and product development are slowed to a halt until a safe analog is found. Company 1 loses time and money in the interim.

ToxPlanet and Design for The Environment

At ToxPlanet, we understand that you need to know the effects a chemical will have on living things and we put the toxicology and chemical literature at your fingertips. How is ToxPlanet different from what the EPA or PubChem does? Our website states:

ToxPlanet’s decision support solutions comprise a collection of discipline-focused products, sold separately or as a single, comprehensive resource. Covering areas that include hazardous chemicals, substance regulations, reproductive risks and pharmaceutical data, your subscription includes ToxPlanet’s unique search interface which offers not only MSDS search, but one-search access to millions of documents and material safety data sheets, hundreds of regulatory and advisory lists, molecular structures, and other substance-specific content.

One-Stop Research for Design for The Environment

Company 1 is committed to having its products meet all the Safer Choice Standards throughout their entire life cycle. From its inception to its development, manufacturing, packaging, use, and disposal, company 1 understands the need to preserve and protect life and the planet. Instead of purchasing numerous subscriptions to various databases, company 1 wants to save time and money by having one thorough subscription. ToxPlanet is the answer to company 1’s needs. What’s even more critical is that ToxPlanet’s databases are consistently updated, intuitive, and contain a myriad of synonyms and related information so that finding analogs and thorough information is quick and easy throughout a product’s entire life cycle. ToxPlanet is committed to the Safer Choice and Design for The Environment initiatives.

Why Wait?

Contact us at ToxPlanet for a free fifteen-day trial. Every database, document, and update will be readily available at your fingertips. Experience the financial and temporal benefits of our comprehensive database today!