3 Ways a Chemical Database Improves Your Research Outcomes

Toxicologists, industrial hygienists, physicians, safety managers, hazmat/emergency response personnel, environmental managers, and more rely on numerous chemical databases to aid in research and ensure their products and recommendations concerning the impact of chemicals in the workplace or on the environment. There are millions upon millions of documents and reports available, some public, others proprietary, all relating to hazardous chemicals, substance regulations, reproductive risks, pharmaceutical data, and more. ToxPlanet offers a variety of comprehensive, discipline-based chemical databases that intrinsically aid industry specialists by increasing the speed and scope of their research outcomes, while also making their work more cost effective. Here are 3 ways a chemical database improves your research outcomes.

A Chemical Database Yields Faster Results

The information superhighway is massive vortex where all materials, both faulty and factual meet. Weeding through the vast sea of information is both taxing and an incredible time waster. ToxPlanet provides convenient and quick access to up to date professional-grade information in each chemical database that would otherwise be available only through the meticulous combing through a multitude of resources. Another way that ToxPlanet’s chemical database saves time is it allows its users to log in anywhere on their computers, smartphones, and tablets, alike. By having a centralized source of information available at all times, professionals save time researching and therefore have more time for discovery and product development.

A Chemical Database Produces Robust Research

Word choice often impedes thorough research due to the use of synonyms and other syntactical nuances. Pertinent information is often omitted because the composition doesn’t exactly match. ToxPlanet’s chemical databases include an extensive index that spans over 5 million synonyms so that industry specialists can quickly and easily access applicable related information with just a few clicks. Data is continuously updated on ToxPlanet’s databases and since a ToxPlanet chemical database allows the user to utilize both CAS numbers and chemical names, related content is immediately available, thus making research outcomes more thorough and comprehensive.

A Chemical Database Is Cost-Effective

When it comes to research and development, time literally is money. By providing professionals with an exhaustive chemical database, they can spend more time using the related information and less time looking for the needed material. Additionally, ToxPlanet’s subscription model enables users to explore a massive amount of material, often proprietary, over and over again for one all-inclusive price.  Furthermore, a ToxPlanet chemical database includes both print and electronic materials, thus furthering the savings by allowing users access to a variety of otherwise pay-as-you-go materials.

The ToxPlanet Difference

Occupations and industries that utilize chemicals and manage their impact on the workplace and environment must have the most up to date chemical information available at their fingertips at all times. This is one way that ToxPlanet’s chemical databases serve professionals and corporations as they provide cutting-edge information related to chemical safety and environmental wellbeing.

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