5 Ways a CAS Number Database Will Save Your Valuable Time

We all feel that our time is precious. Nobody wants to waste it performing meaningless, trivial, or boring tasks. And for chemical researchers and toxicologists, time is especially sensitive. The longer it takes to assess the dangers of a hazardous chemical or product, the greater the risk of that chemical’s exposure. Therefore, beyond avoiding boring or un-stimulating processes, it is far better to save time in these matters. For saving time, we recommend a CAS Number Database. Here are all the ways that a CAS Number Database will save you time.

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Don’t Struggle with Public Search Engines

Public search engines such as google and bing are wonderful for common inquiries. They are less wonderful for research purposes. Because they are both free and driven by ad revenue, public search engines are not concerned whatsoever with the accuracy of results. It is common, therefore, to find yourself flooded with irrelevant information. A CAS Number Database avoids this because it is both centered around chemistry and incredibly specific.

Link Rot, Content Drift, and Grey Literature

Link Rot occurs for a number of reasons. Most Link Rot is related to age, and the relevancy of that particular webpage. Content Drift mostly occurs when a website shifts its focus, or when a domain name expires and is bought up by a new party. Finally, Grey Literature is difficult for most unofficial establishments to obtain. A CAS Number Database avoids all these barriers quite handily, saving you time by not having to deal with them.

Don’t Memorize Chemical Synonyms

Since chemicals are referred to by a variety of synonyms, tracking down content related to them can be more difficult than necessary. A CAS Number Database will bring up all the information based on that chemical, and doesn’t rely on synonyms or language.

Overcome the Language Barrier

Similar to the problem with chemical synonyms is the language barrier. A critical piece of research may be buried away because of an alternate language. A CAS Number is like a universal chemical language that gets you the results you need quickly. No need to memorize every name and synonym of every chemical ever discovered.

Efficient and Specific Searches

What it all amounts to is this: a CAS Number Database gets you the information you want, and only the information you want, far more quickly than other options. You’ll save time without even trying because you will not have to spend it struggling with common pitfalls and frustrations that usually plague research projects.


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