How to Save Time on Clinical Trials About the Efficacy of New Compounds

The thrill of new discovery! The satisfaction of success! Those warm fuzzy feelings that come with a job well done. You can experience all of these sensations and more when undertaking clinical trials. If pharmacologists and chemical researchers are like mechanical inventors, then clinical trials are like the test run for a new machine. Does this chemical compound do what you’re hoping it does? Does it have any unexpected side effects?

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Why Are Clinical Trials Important?

Let’s go back to the analogy of the inventor for a minute. Though we don’t necessarily need to stick to a scientific field in order to make this point. Really, any kind of creative process can apply. We could imagine the writer typing out her next award-winning masterpiece. Or we could picture the instructor devising a new method of teaching his students. The point is, something is being created with the hopes of bettering others and making lives easier. If we’re talking about a mechanical invention, maybe it’s a robot that could, let’s say, make the perfect slice of toast. Sounds perfect, right? But would you just send that robot out into the world without testing it first? Of course not! It could explode, or short out, or worse still, make subpar toast!

So what do you do? You test out your robot first. You test the efficacy of your product in order to make sure it is producing the desired results. This is clinical trials in a nutshell. You are testing not only to ensure that it is safe to use, but also that it is better than what is currently on the market. This is a very time-consuming process. In some cases, clinical trials can take as long as 10 to 15 years before the drug moves into the next stage. But there are ways to save time with this process. Of course we don’t mean cutting corners and rushing the drug onto the market. Even when you take the time to properly test the drug, unexpected side effects can crop up years later. Rushing the process can only exacerbate this. Instead, we want to suggest helping to streamline the process, trimming the unnecessary fat and waiting time.

How to Save Time on Clinical Trials 

One of the best way to save time on research is to have all the information about those particular chemicals in one place and easy to access. Oftentimes, it can be unexpectedly difficult to access certain kinds of chemical literature. This could be because the articles you need are in another language, or because they use a different synonym for a chemical. Public search engines are also unreliable, and often flood you with irrelevant information and dead links. In contrast, a dedicated chemical database should have everything you need and be easy to find and use.

ToxPlanet offers a comprehensive collection of chemical databases for your convenience. We bypass those searching hazards by utilizing the chemical’s CAS number. Now, you’ll never struggle to find the literature you need again! If you want to try out ToxPlanet for yourself, then visit our website to watch a video explaining what we offer. You can also request a free two week trial and experience the ToxPlanet difference for yourself! For clinical trials or any of your needs, rely on ToxPlanet to save you time and get it done.