How to Save Time on a Chemical Search and What You Could Be Doing

Have you ever had to do something that you hated? I think for all of us, the answer to that is a resounding and definite yes. When you were a kid, maybe you despised cleaning the dishes after dinner, or finishing all the broccoli on your plate. As an adult, maybe you can’t stand completing your taxes or finishing all the broccoli on your plate (hey, old habits die hard). Of course, I think we all know that we have to do most of these things, regardless of how we feel about them. Even if we’re working a job that we love, our dream job, there is probably going to be an element of it that’s less-than-fun. For chemical researchers and toxicologists, that task may be performing a chemical search.

ToxPlanet understands the value of time management and chemical research. We aim to support researchers and toxicologists whenever we can. If you want to try ToxPlanet or learn more about us, download a free copy of our whitepaper. 

Chemical Search . . . and Search . . . and Search . . .

Stop me if this sounds familiar. You’ve been placed on an exciting new project, something that sounds fun and interesting and exciting. But first, you have to accumulate a lot of literature on a certain chemical. No problem, right? Well, first you need to sit there for hours sifting through problems like dead links, unreliable sources, and language barriers. Perhaps that key info you need is hidden behind another language, or the chemical uses a synonym that you didn’t know about. Should it really be this difficult to perform a chemical search?

ToxPlanet offers a normalized index of chemical databases. We compile the most relevant and up-to-date information together into one place so that it is easier to access. What’s more, we make it easy for you to find what you need quickly thanks to our implementation of a chemical’s CAS number. The CAS number is like a universal language for scientists — simply type it into the search engine and you’ll find all the articles on that chemical, regardless of language or synonym. You’ll find that when you switch to ToxPlanet and a comprehensive normalized database, you’ll save incredible amounts of time!

Time Saved is Time Earned!

That begs the question, what should you do with all that extra time you once spent agonizing over a chemical search? Fortunately, there’s lots of things you can do! You could double your work rate and analyze more samples. Or uou could conduct further research on other projects you’re working on. You could catch up or complete any leftover advisory work. The more outdoorsy of you may even find some time for more field work. Whatever you choose to do with your time, you can trust that you won’t need to waste it performing an extra long chemical search ever again!

If you want to know more info about ToxPlanet and what we do, then head over to our website. You’ll find more information about our databases, and you can also watch a video that explains how we’re better. You can also request a free two week trial for yourself! We may not always like what we do, but ToxPlanet helps you spend more time doing what you like.