3 Reliable Approaches to Evaluating for Safe Chemicals

One of the things we care deeply about is use of safe chemicals. Whether it’s use of chemicals in the workspace, or testing products for potential hazards, safety should always be a high priority. For toxicologists and researchers alike, ToxPlanet has the support and accessibility you need. Our chemical database is right at your fingertips and it’s quick and easy to access. Of course, other proven, reliable alternatives exist as well. If you want to know the best, most dependable approaches to evaluating safe chemicals, then why not start with . . .

Alternative Screening Options

There are a few screening methods you may not be aware of. For example, you might be familiar with the “Green Screen for Safer Chemicals,” a free screening tool which is accessible to the public. But have you heard of GreenWERCS? What about the DfE? These are all helpful alternative screening options, and any one of them is useful for different circumstances. if you want to know more about these methods and determine which one is right for you, you can request to download the whitepaper from our website. The whitepaper is a quick guide provided to you for free. It’s one of the tools we use to help you determine what you need, and save you time getting it.

Use Preexisting Safety Data Sheets

A tool which has withstood the test of time, Safety Data Sheets (formally known as MSDS) are a staple of hazardous chemical evaluation. Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that distributors of dangerous chemicals provide an SDS to potential users. These sheets provide data on the physical and chemical properties of the material, exposure limits, and how it should be handled and stored. When you’re evaluating for your own safe chemicals, use Safety Data Sheets to compound the information you already have. The more information you have available, the faster the process will take, and the more thorough it will be.

Include a Robust Approval Process

One of the best and most effective ways to filter the hazards from the safe chemicals is to include a robust and thorough approval process. Ensure than every chemical is filtered through this process before it ever reaches the outside world. Also, make sure that there is someone qualified — a safety manager, environmental manager, or both — staffed for approval. And see that there is someone on hand to replace those individuals should they be unavailable. When it comes to workplace safety, don’t make a major error because of an easily corrected mistake. Each layer of approval adds that much more assurance.

We hope you found these tips helpful for the next time you find yourself making a chemical evaluation. If you would like to know more about ToxPlanet’s wide array of chemical databases, then please visit our website. You’ll learn more about how searching with the chemical’s CAS number will help you save time and stress during your research. You can also request a free two week trial of our system for yourself. Toxicologists and researchers agree, ToxPlanet is a resource worth having. Whether it’s everyday research or filtering safe chemicals, count on ToxPlanet to support you.