What is the Best Resource for Authoring Material Safety Data Sheets?

First thing you need to ask yourself: what are Material Safety Data Sheets? Well you probably know the answer to this already, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the breakdown. Material Safety Data Sheets are a popular and very widespread method of cataloging hazards. These hazards relate specifically to chemical compounds and mixtures. You can find the MSDS, also known as just SDS, in the kind of job positions which frequently work with and around chemicals. As you can imagine, this means a great deal to ToxPlanet!

ToxPlanet commits itself to helping toxicologists and chemical researchers. Whether that be day to day research or compiling together an excellent MSDS report, ToxPlanet has your back. If you’d like more information about our philosophy, download our free whitepaper. You’ll also find helpful information about other great tools and resources for toxicologists.

Why Do MSDS Matter?

Material Safety Data Sheets are extremely important to the chemical research community. The most important thing about them is that the goal of the MSDS is not consumer use. But how can the consumer know about the harmful chemicals found in a product? Well,they never will if everything works like it’s supposed to. See, the MSDS is really for people who encounter chemicals as part of their workplace. Often, this information can make the difference between indulging in a workplace hazard and avoiding one.

Additionally, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that this information is made available to US-based workers. So, creating an MSDS is a matter that should be taken very seriously. What can you do to make sure you’re doing it right? Well, first it would help to know what features or information OSHA requires an MSDS to have. If you want an example of what an SDS looks like, there is a helpful guide provided by them. 

What Else Should I Know?

The second thing that would be helpful is to have access to a comprehensive collection of resources. The data you procure needs to be up to date. Mistakes mean you not only put another human at risk, but you also expose yourself to a potential lawsuit. When you access a comprehensive database of research, you can rest assured that your data is always updated appropriately, and that you won’t be caught off guard. How do you find what you need? The next thing is an easy search system. You don’t have time to wade through hours and hours of useless pages, dead links, and irrelevant info. Instead, use a search filtering system to find what you need immediately and get it reported.

As you can imagine, ToxPlanet has the best collection of chemical databases available. We continually update with new information as it comes, so you can be assured of the relevancy of the data. We also categorize our chemical info by its CAS number, making everything easier to search! Find what you need quickly when you use a ToxPlanet database. If you want more info about ToxPlanet, download our whitepaper above. You can also visit our website, where you can watch a demonstration of our product. You can request a free two week trial for yourself! So don’t take any risk for yourself or anyone else. Make the best Material Safety Data Sheets, with ToxPlanet!