How to Save Research Time with a CAS Number Search

We here at ToxPlanet are highly invested in supporting scientists in their endeavors. We have written many blogs over the past year about some of the difficulties in chemical research. As this is our last blog of 2016 we thought we would provide a sort of “summary” of what we’ve said so far. At the same time, we really want to emphasize the benefits of using a CAS number search. As we head into 2017, you may find yourself hampered by some of the time-wasting frustrations of chemical research. If so, keep reading to find out why using the CAS Number is the best way to effectively research.

Difficulties in Using Search Engines

We’ve spoken before about the difficulties of using free public search engines for chemical information. It may be tempting to use these sites because they’re so well known. In theory, they can bring you to whatever website you need instantly. The truth is, unfortunately, searching this way is not quite so easy. You need to be very specific in your wording or else you will end up with too many unnecessary links. Additionally, with some pages you will run into problems like Link Rot, Grey Literature, and Content Drift. All of this means time wasted for your research and a frustrating headache for you.

Synonyms and Language Problems

The other big hurdle that you’ll need to deal with are chemical synonyms. Chemicals have a variety of synonyms and it is difficult to keep track of them all. Not every article or research study is going to use the same name for every chemical. This means you will need to waste time performing a search for every possible synonym of the chemical you need. Not to mention the time you’ll spend wading through all the unnecessary or redundant articles to find the one you need, every single search. Additionally, you may miss out of some key pieces of literature because of a language barrier. Our English names of chemicals are not universal, and in other languages they can have different names and even different chemical symbols. Unless you’re a linguist expert, you’ll probably not know the name of every chemical in every language.

Use CAS Number Search, and ToxPlanet’s Database

The solution to all of this is to search for chemical information using the CAS Number. Every chemical has its own specialized number,  which transcends barriers of language. No matter which country or which language you are using, the CAS number search remains the same! Just perform a simple search, and you can find the information you need far easier. Or, at least, you would if there were some sort of CAS number database that allowed you to use a CAS number search. And that is exactly what ToxPlanet is. We are a comprehensive collection of chemical databases that use a CAS number in order to find whatever information you need, all in one place. Simply type the number in for your chemical, and you will find up-to-date literature and the latest information on it, no matter the language or synonym. If that appeals to you, then watch a demo of our product in action, or request a free trial for yourself!