3 Exciting Ways a Toxicology Database Saves Times and Money

There are countless options out there if you are looking for a helpful toxicology database. Many of them are open databases meaning they are free and available for public use. The challenging thing about using this plethora of resources is that you can spend hours scouring them all to find comprehensive data on a particular chemical. There is now so much scientific information to sift through when you are doing toxicology research, and it is found in so many different forms and places. These hours of valuable research time can eat into your forty-hour work week cutting into the other things your highly skilled workers can be doing. This expenditure of time and money is costly for a company just getting off the ground, or frustrating for loyal employees who are scouring content for everything they can find on their topic of inquiry.

  1. Streamline Research With the New Toxicology Database
    While a toxicology database offers you copious content in one place, it is often industry or discipline specific. Some databases store scientific research, while others have white papers or grey content. There are tools out there, however, that cross these borders and pull all forms of content from across multiple disciplines and industries into one convenient place. Information services like those built by ToxPlanet make scientific investigation simpler by aggregating all forms chemical-based content in one place. ToxPlanet’s chemical nomenclature sensitive index makes the researcher’s life that much easier. There is no better way to save time than to leverage this new technology to make your research go that much faster.
  2. Go Beyond Scientific Journals
    Having all content in one place means you get a more comprehensive idea of what research is out there without indiscriminately pouring valuable resources of time and money into it. Beyond scientific journals, you can also consult other forms of content such as proprietary research from institutions, which is private information that you can purchase rights to for a period of time. Grey content, such as white papers and government reports can also be useful as preliminary research. Don’t overlook the ability to expand your geographical regions of research either, but look for research from around the world. Different governments and institutions will fund topical research in different ways, producing different results.
  3. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
    Reading others’ research and findings will help you to begin narrowing down your own research before you make any big decisions. Learn from others’ mistakes in order to avoid making the same ones. Expanding your scope in research will ensure that you are drawing unique conclusions whether you’re doing scientific research or creating policy.

If you are looking for new technologies to make life easier as a researcher, ToxPlanet is a great place to start. Research has never been easier in the information technology age than with this streamlined service. For more information about whether this service is a good fit for your specific field, give us a call to learn more about how our optimized platform will integrate with your scientific investigation.