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ToxPlanet provides best-in-class decision support solutions that save an extraordinary amount of time and help chemical safety professionals manage the impact of chemicals on people, the workplace, and the environment.


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Since 2003, we have delighted our users, and saved them countless hours, with our decision support solutions designed specifically for chemical safety professionals.

Powered by the world’s largest database of its kind, ToxPlanet’s solutions enable chemical safety professionals to make the best informed decisions about what matters most – human and environmental health.

Searching ToxPlanet is like searching 500+ websites at the same time, using a normalized index, with a single look and feel. Our solutions quickly deliver the relevant chemical hazard and toxicology literature users expect to find, while delighting them with the discovery of literature they did not know existed.

Save yourself an extraordinary amount of time, and make the best informed decisions, with ToxPlanet. Claim your Free Trial today and see why we are used by professionals at leading organizations around the world.


ToxPlanet’s decision support solutions are a collection of discipline-focused products, sold either individually or as a comprehensive resource. Our unique search interface offers single search box access to hundreds of databases/collections including toxicological profiles, monographs, scientific opinions, risk assessments, GHS classifications, hazard assessments, regulatory submissions, safety data sheets (SDSs), drug information, regulatory and advisory lists, and much more. Click here to view a description of all our information sources. Information is international in scope, and records provide detailed coverage of the chemical(s) on which they focus.

  • Continually-updated chemical hazard and toxicology data on hundreds of thousands of chemicals.
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  • Unique collection providing extensive human reproductive risk information for thousands of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and occupational hazards.
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  • Information on thousands of chemicals found on over 600 regulatory and advisory lists from around the world.
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  • Chemical and safety data on pharmaceutical substances.
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  • Evidence-based treatment protocols for exposure to hazardous chemicals commonly found in the workplace and environment.
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  • Up-to-date information on over 145,000 substances found in ECHA’s C&L Inventory.
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  • Up-to-date REACH Registrations submitted to the European Chemicals Agency.
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  • Integrated access to millions of SDSs from thousands of vendors.
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  • Collection of ALL unpublished, non-confidential chemical testing result submissions to the EPA under the Toxic Substances Control Act.
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  • Bibliographic references covering the biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals.
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  • Information on the effects of thousands of pollutants found in the environment.
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  • Search tool for instantly identifying chemical analogs and quickly retrieving relevant information.
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