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Experience the ToxPlanet Difference!

Gain confidence knowing your resources are current and thorough.

Spend your time considering, analyzing and using the research gained rather than spending hours finding it.

Don’t miss critical new information or international studies by relying on free website searches alone. Free doesn’t necessarily mean freely available!

Rely on more predictive outcomes when you have thorough knowledge of the chemical compounds you are using.

How Does ToxPlanet Do it Differently?

Robust Toxicology Database

  • 250+ Data Sets on over 1,000,000 different chemicals
  • Access to International and proprietary content that is not available for free on the internet
  • A path to grey literature

Normalized Index

  • No matter what synonyms you might use, the database references each chemical’s unique identifier (CAS Number®)
  • All content associated with that CAS number is delivered to you, regardless of the synonym


  • Commitment to post new content within 72 hours of its becoming available
  • New content added to the database upon request
  • The process of updating content is fully automated

Subscription Pricing

  • Lets you buy only what you need
  • Plans range from single user all the way to enterprise level solutions


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Success Stories

“ToxPlanet is a needed and valued resource. We use it every day.”

Tony Schatz

Associate Director of Toxicology

“ToxPlanet allows us to look at a lot of different databases in one place and see the scope of information that’s out there.”

Anne Chappelle

Senior Toxicologist & Manager of Business Development

“ToxPlanet is an outstanding vehicle for delivering chemical toxicology information from a wide range of government and scientific sources.”

William Belerschmitt

Research Fellow

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